How to Upgrade the Sound System in Your Place of Worship

The leaders of your church may have appointed you to help grow the congregation, be a producer for their weekend services and to help with general promotion. They know that they need to present a more professional image to attract more people to worship and feel that they may have been using outdated systems in the past.

You must know something about event management and production and believe that you can make a significant difference by upgrading the sound system in this aged building. Will this be more of a challenge due to the design of the building and how can you improve matters when only dealing with a limited budget?

Good Place to Start

You don't have to spend a fortune on a fully-blown PA system for your house of worship, as with some careful planning and efficiency in mind you can definitely make a difference. Most churches are built to take into account good acoustics and it's likely that your building is simply ready for some up-to-date technology.

How to Make Calculations

You need to look at the size of the space carefully, calculate the number of people in the current congregation and project how many you expect in the future. You will probably find that strategically placed speakers will take advantage of the inbuilt amplification and natural reverb found in buildings of this vintage. You may be able to add clever sound effects through processors to make the choir sound even more impressive than they already are.

You may be able to get away with an all in one system that is relatively easy to set up. These usually come with a pair of speakers, the mixer, microphone and all the needed wires.

Focusing on the Microphone

The microphone will be the most important element and you should allocate a reasonable amount of your budget to this. You may choose to place several different ones around the building, with one next to the choir and another one in the pulpit. You may have to consider a lavalier microphone for the preacher or leader, especially if they tend to get quite animated when they are in full flow!

Setting Everything Up

Whatever you do, make sure that you can position each element of the system carefully so that it is unobtrusive but nevertheless effective. If you're unsure how many different components you will need, talk with your acoustic consultant or product supplier so they can give you some valuable guidance.