5 Reasons You Should Choose In-Wall Speakers

It used to be that all speakers were freestanding. Whether flanking a hi-fi system or mounted as bookend speakers, they'd be plainly visible. However, people have been slowly switching to in-wall speakers. As the name suggests, in-wall speakers are installed within a wall cavity, so the face of the speaker sits flush with the wall itself, and they come with several compelling advantages.

Here are just five.

1. Zero Clutter

Probably the most obvious benefit that comes with choosing in-wall speakers from a company like Tivoli Hi-Fi Pty Ltd is freeing your home from clutter. Even the fanciest of freestanding speakers will still take up quite a lot of space, and most will need to have wires trailed back and forth to operate. With in-wall speakers, guests won't even know there are speakers in the room until you turn them on. There's nothing to detract from your décor, make your room look smaller or bump into when you have a full house.

2. Lower Chance of Accidents

The fact that in-wall speakers are completely concealed is good for them as well as good for your home's appearance. Freestanding speakers can be knocked over, have their wires frayed or pulled, or fall foul of a dropped glass of wine. Such an accident can mean serious repair costs and potentially the need to totally replace the speaker. In contrast, in-wall speakers are very well protected from harm.

3. No Wall Reflection

If you're an audiophile, in-wall speakers should speak to you because they eliminate wall reflection. You see, a freestanding speaker will interact with the wall it is next to. When lower frequencies are reflected right back, they can interrupt with sound quality. Installing speaks within the wall eliminates reflections from that wall, so you won't need to put up with peaks and dips in response.

4. Excellent Base Response

Eliminating wall reflection isn't the only benefit in-wall speakers present in terms of sound quality; they also boast improved bass response. This is because in-wall speakers can use the wall cavity behind them as a kind of speaker cabinet.

5. Moisture-Resistant

Electronics and moisture don't tend to mix, but you can actually find plenty of in-wall speakers that are moisture-resistant. Of course, whether or not this is an advantage depends on what you're doing with your speakers. If you want to install speakers throughout the house, moisture-resistance should be valued since they can be put in laundry rooms, bathrooms and other rooms prone to moisture.